The $3.00 Boating Vacation Of A Lifetime

November 15, 2006

I can’t believe that summer 2006 has come to an end and it’s been as long as it has since my last blog! It hasn’t been for the lack of exciting e-boating news to report – quite the contrary – just the time taken away from these activities to report back to those interested. The next months will give me more time to report on our findings from a chock-full summer of electric boating!The primary activity this season has been my family’s 7-day, 204-kilometer electro-cruise of the Rideau Canal waterway system, taking us on a voyage of electric discovery from Kingston, Ontario, to Ottawa, our nation’s capital. What an amazing trip! And our conveyance on this outing through Ontario’s eastern vacationland was none other than a solar-powered Loon (I’m sure you saw THAT coming) but this one was quite different from the 5 which proceed it. This was the first ever to be equipped with a galley (including microwave, fridge, sink, barbeque, etc.), sleeping accommodations for four people and full weather protection. Think “solar-powered camper-trailer which moves through the water” and you’d have the right idea. The Gisbornes toured the region, via an historic 174-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site canal system, in complete and modern comfort in a zero-emission boat. Think about that. No gas, no fumes, no loud noise, no shoreline erosion, no foreign oil wars to support, nothing but conscience-free boating while actually being able to fully enjoy our natural surroundings without scaring off the wildlife. I hope that everyone, at least once in their life, gets the opportunity to do so either by my prefered method, solar boating, or by sail. There’s no boating experience which could compare and my normally high blood pressure was given a welcome break in the process.And above what the sun provided for free, the “fuel” cost for the entire family vacation was about $3.00 Canadian! I shudder to think what the fuel tab for the same trip would be in a gas-powered craft, but you could easily add two more zeros and then a factor of. Look for more blogs in the weeks and months to come, dealing on a variety of e-boat topics, some technical, some philosophical, some just entertaining and I might even get a little political on ya.

Happy e-boating!

Monte Gisborne

Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company


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November 14, 2006

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